The adventures of Max


Jo has made it her new hobby to teach Max how to surf!  She picked up this life jacket the other day, and took him out for a try on the foam board.  It was mostly just him getting used to the balance on the board, it was calm water, and he could jump off and swim around and then get back up on the board and try again.  Evidently he did very well, taking after his mermaid momma!  It's got a nifty handle on top and you can just grab on and pick him up out of the water!  He seems to swim easier and enjoy it more with the vest on, so we've got some practicing to do, and then they will try it in some waves with Jo on the board too, FUN!  I can't wait to get in on that dog surfing action!

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  1. Only in the islands... but this does give me serious puppy-skills-envy.