The light was lovely when I got home from 
work this afternoon...I had just enough time to 
snap some shots of the pieces I finished up over the weekend.

Two lovely neck adornments...Each one made for a certain someone out there in the universe, who that is, they don't know and neither do I.  I love to imagine the lady who will scoop these up, and how they will feel so at home when pressed against her chest.  I truly believe every piece has its proper home, we all just have to wait until we meet each other, and then the circle is complete.  The turquoise on this first necklace is electric, a gorgeous specimen of Kingman turquoise. I had a blast making these, and really wanted to attend to the details, namely making my new favorite shaped links.  I don't recall where the idea came for this particular shape, I just know that it is ever so satisfying and aesthetically pleasing to my eyes! 

I've feel lately like I've been given some kind of special permission to go wild with creativity in the studio...Like I've gotten some silent green light from the muse, to just go for it, to bare my creative soul and make bold decisions and not question the outcomes.  Sounds good to me...

Buenas Noches....

PS.  I'm working on getting these in the shop tonight or tomorrow!

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