Celebration of LOVE

Last weekend Jo and I will be celebrating four years of "wedded" bliss, love and togetherness!  I am so overwhelmed with emotions, full of love, gratitude, and have a head filled with amazing memories of fun times together.  The best gift this world has given me is the love of an amazing woman, (that sounded pretty cheesy...but, it's SO TRUE)

Also, I'd like to call in sick today and go here...

Ke Iki beach, North Shore Oahu

In other news, my head is brimming with ideas and all I want to do is go on lock down in the studio...Alas, my "real job" awaits, with a full book of clients in need of massage.  I've got a vacation coming up at the end of June and mommas got to make some dollars so that I can afford to be out of town for three weeks, so those ideas will have to wait until the weekend...


  1. So thrilled to read such beautiful words about love: congratulations to you both!!

    1. :) Thanks lovely lady.
      P.S. Your hair is looking fabulous these days and I am in desperate need of a good stylist, perhaps I'll teleport over and we can get your sis to work her magic on my head!