I had  a super positive, productive, and most of all fun time in the studio over the weekend...

I had so much fun making this necklace, that I wanted to continue with the theme and make another, this time with a super RAD ocean jasper cab.  The deep sea green,  and mustardy yellow goodness is really quite something! 

I figured when I sat down to make this one that I would stumble upon the usual roadblocks that I usually encounter...Solder won't flow, melted bezel, melting the chain while trying to solder the jump rings, etc...  Such is the story of a mostly self taught craftswoman.  I have come to peace with my little studio hiccups and am learning to breathe deep through the frustrations and try to figure out what I can do to turn the situation around, really great advice for the challenges of daily life too!  I was shocked, thrilled and STOKED that this piece went just as smoothly as the original and everything just flowed...Amen.

I also finished up a bundle of earrings, hopefully making their way to the shop tonight.


As you can see, I've got a thing for long dangly earrings this time around...It makes me want to cut my hair even shorter, and head out for some summery adventures.

I'm getting closer to my trip to the mainland, for some long over due visiting with my "sisters" that are scattered across the west coast...When I say "sisters" I'm referring to the ladies in my life, and one special boy, who I love with all my heart.  These are the hand full of people that I think about a million times a day for no reason, who I cannot wait to share laughter, sunshine, coffee, days in the city, farmers markets, and aimless walks with.  My very being longs to connect with theses special humans, I seriously think that my cells miss them...Only large amounts of laughter, and a few moments of making new memories will quench this thirst, I am counting the days!!!!!

I hope your Monday was as awesome as mine...


  1. Oh wow Sierra, you did hit the mother load of creative energy, everting looks fantastic too!!

    Isn't it fun to catch a flow...


  2. Thanks lovely...I am feeling some serious flow right now, all I can do while I'm at my "real" job is daydream about getting back in the studio to make more necklaces like this! Sometimes the FLOW is the best feeling in the world!