Back Porch Bounty!

The back porch is a lovely place these days...

We are lucky enough to have a front and a back porch at our little cottage.  We use these spaces as much, if not more than the living room...The front porch houses our dining table, and a couch, which usually ends up being the main hub for socializing when people come over.  Even when it's just us, we spend hours lounging, reading, and "computer-ing" (blogging, listing items on etsy), from the dining table out front.

Sometimes we neglect the back porch, then something will call to us and we end up spending most of our time out back rather than the front...It's like we've re-discovered how awesome it is back there, time and time again.  It has a southwest exposure and brings the most beautiful light in to the house in the early afternoon and evening.  This is where I do most of my photo taking for the etsy shop, where we watch sunsets while sipping Tecate, and where out plant collection seems to be growing larger by the day.   Last week Jo and I made it our mission to start planting more foodstuffs on our little piece of the island.  We've had trouble down in the yard with the vegetable project...slugs, snails, leaf mold, birds eating our tomatos etc...I swear we could start an escargot farm and make a fortune...the shear number of snails is ridiculous!! I resolved to grow my own darn mint, cilantro and kale so we decided to put them in pots on the back porch, which is really ideal for a kitchen garden! 

I've made it my morning routine to water then first thing...Max and I head out back to check on our babies and give them a well deserved dousing in cold water.  It's only been a few days but I already look forward to heading out there and seeing how much they've grown so far. After a few years of struggling with growing vegetables, and focusing mainly on natives it's super exciting to go out back and grab some mint for my favorite new salad creation...watermelon, grapes, cucumber and mint!  YUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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