Chromatic bliss...in wearable forms.

I've been a beading and knotting fool lately...Before I left for vacation, I spent many, many hours in front of the computer with Jo, watching a marathon of Mad Men, and making these necklaces.  I've been layering them with my other favorite pieces, and wrapping them around my wrist as bracelets.  Quite a departure from the usual silver-smithed pieces I make, I felt a calling from the COLOR!!!!!

There are only two of these up for grabs at this point, I sold the rest while I was in Seattle, and have another pile of them in progress...Something about this color palette is so pleasing to my eye, the cool blue and grey with pops of chartreuse!  I can't get enough...I think one of my favorite parts about making these is the piles of color, the beads in dishes, all mingled together in front of me.  I get so much inspiration just from looking at my materials, and in the case of these and the following pieces, the color selections came totally randomly, by making a mess, and noticing the details, I love that...

Another ode to the lovely chromatic bliss pouring out of my brain...

Continuing in the theme of beaded, knotted, goodness, in eye pleasing colors...I offer up these to "weird" creations.  I love them, I think they're weird.  I don't know what came over me, but as I was knotting the strands I suddenly had a lightbulb go off in the "creation station" of my brain.  Again, the cool turquoise and gray mixed with the vibrant royal blue cord, this time mixed up with a bit of hand textured sterling, stamped with unique patterns, and cold-connected to the beaded strands.  They are finished off with sterling lobster clasps and measure a little bit longer than my usual necklaces at just about 19" long.  

I've got tiny dishes of colorful beads spread out on a bench in the living room, it's my beading "relaxation station".  I usually end up doing most of my beading while on the couch with Jo, watching movies or rather "listening" to whatever is on the screen.  This process has taken over the "zone out" time I used to have with knitting back in Seattle, it's just too damn hot here to think about knitting anything.  The rhythm of stringing one bead after another, knotting the string in between, and playing with the color, is a very zen moment for me...I can just BE.  Then, before I know it, my fingers are sore from making knots and I've got a pile of color in my lap.  More often than not, Jo heads to bed, and then calls from the other room, "Serioulsy?  Are you really still working on that?  Turn off your brain already and come to bed!"...What she doesn't know is that, this IS the purest form of my brain being turned off, one of the few times that I'm really not thinking about anything but what my fingers are doing...And let me just say, that it feels great!

I've just added this trio of necklaces to the SHOP, hopefully there will be more making there way over there soon...First up though, I've got to tackle the list of custom orders that await creation as soon as I receive my supplies!


  1. i love slowly running my fingers through beads.
    i call it my therapy.

    PERFECT knotting!

  2. Isn't it just the best form of therapy? I always feel so relaxed...Sending some aloha your way lovely lady!