Fern appreciation for my PNW soul

I just had to say, that coming "home" is awesome...

And that leaving my "home" behind is hard.  I snapped this the morning I was leaving Seattle, in front of Adam's amazing lake cottage in the forest...It really is a combination of all the things I love about the Pacific Northwest, embodied in the sights and smells of a forest wonderland.  My heart aches for time with my best loved ones, for fog on the lake at 6 am, and for ferns...Oh my the ferns!  This little baby circle of ferns was so tiny, maybe six or seven inches across, something about it struck me and I had to stop and have a moment.   Amazing how such a small thing, or the noticing of how this small thing affects me can have such a profound impact.  Of all my memories of the time I spent there, my insane connection to and appreciation of this little circle of foliage remains with me daily...so I had to share.

I wish I could see how much they have grown in two short weeks, maybe I'll have to get Adam to take some update photos for me...

Until then I just keep coming back to look at the picture, close my eyes, and smell what that little piece of forest smells like.