Family dinner, and new bling...

We are just about to embark on "project paella"... My parents are visiting us, and my mom brought saffron with her!  We have made it our mission to create the perfect summer dinner...complete with chilled bottles of Proseco.  My mom has always been an amazing cook, all of my kitchen talent comes directly from her.  I requested some mother and daughter bonding in the kitchen while they are here visiting, so we decided I needed to learn how to make Paella.  I'm beyond excited to get in there and down to business with my mom!  I have no idea what this has to do with showing you my latest creations but I felt like sharing...

These are a few items that I finished up before my trip to Seattle, I just now got around to photographing them, and am about to list them in the ETSY shop after typing away here...

Kingman turquoise, in my opinion THE "king" of the turqs...It's color is my favorite, it's smooth and cool surface, makes my eyes smile, it's energy, if you go in for that sort of thing, is said to offer protection and ward off negative energy.  Whatever you believe, it's hard to deny the beauty of this stone...

Exhibit # 5683 of my love for textures of all kinds.

This one came out of the "archives", aka the pile of unfinished bits and bobs on my bench.
There are a few of my New Mexico turquoise beads, purchased over ten years ago
while I was in massage school in Albuquerque.  They have intense blue color and lots of lovely
facets to catch the light. 

Teal green agates with stripey bands of colorful goodness.
Quite the random handful of jewels for this latest installment.  I've also been working on some very kooky necklaces, combining large silver links and pendants with beaded and knotted "chains".  The clasps I made are ready to be soldered, and I'm excited too see what they look like after the silver gets its oxidation.

Here's to family time in the kitchen, and a house full of love...We've got heaps of it flowing out of every window over here, I'll send some on over to you.



  1. oh, save me some!

    your story reminds me of the first time i attempted to say "paella" to my italian friend. i said "pay-ella" and she looked at me....then she burst into laughter.

    LOVE the new pieces! you are onto something there with your latest colour schemes!!


    1. It was amazing!!!!! The food and the family bonding in the kitchen...And the colors? I'm obsessed with this combo, much, much more to come! Thanks lovely!

  2. I m totally in love with the tyrquoise pendant....and the silver band bubbles ring!!!