Western Exposure

I know, I take a lot of picture on the back porch.  You're probably over seeing them by now, but really, the western exposure is perfection at about 5:45 pm and I just can't resist.

I picked up this snazzy Mexican planter a few weeks ago, it's been making me smile ever since...The pops of color, in my favorite hues, really make the greenery look all the more lovely.  She had some sisters in other shapes and sizes and I'm kicking myself now for just getting this one!

Notice the lovely felted rock that my roommate Chris made! He's quite crafty.

We've got Aloe busting out everywhere on the property right now...Last year our friend was clearing out an overgrown patch of it in his front yard, and Chris brought home a truck be full of it!  We planted them everywhere...at the entrance to the front porch, under planted in pots with some of the smaller papaya trees, mixed in with the other native plants in the side yard, and in pots big and small for random placement inside and out.  They have been going strong for months now, and just recently had a major growth spurt of happiness!  So, if you happen to come over and find yourself with bumps and scrapes, we can tear hunk of this healing beauty off the plant, and hook you up with some earth medicine!!!

After a long and slow, yet productive day in the studio yesterday, I've got some outdoor appreciation to get to...My skin needs the warmth of the sun, my legs need to get moving, so I'm headed out for a beach adventure before I come back and finish up yesterdays work.  I've got some oxidizing, polishing and stone setting to get to, then hopefully the light will cooperate and I can snap some pictures of a few custom orders, and a little something for the etsy shop.

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  1. each and every photo you post is worth viewing: believe it.

    1. Yes ma'am! (I think "believe it" should be my new mantra)

  2. No, I am not over the porch views yet! I'll let you know when : )
    I just came in from sitting on my front porch. The weather is finally cooling here- I actually put on a sweatshirt while sitting out there. I love that we share porch appreciation!