At Home

This morning the sun was shaded a bit by a nice thin blanket of clouds.  It was a bit cooler than usual, which is always nice...My Pacific Northwest soul misses the early morning chill these days, as I know the seasons are changing on the mainland.  I had client over to the house for a massage, I closed the drapes, lit a few candles, put on some soft music, and just as I was getting him settled on the table, it started raining...AMEN!

I can't possibly share how much I love having clients over to the house, it's a lovely space to work in, and I love not driving across town to work for someone else for a fraction of what I feel my work is really worth...Massage is an "all in" kind of a job.  To not give my 150% best would seem, and does seem just plain wrong...There are no moments of, "I'll just take it easy today, not try too hard, and just get through".  I really have to be present, aware, and giving in every session, and to do less would mean, perhaps I better start looking for a new career.  I am consciously putting energy toward building my own massage business, working toward a schedule more filled with house calls and private clients.  It's going to take time to spread the word, and the love, enough to be able to do this on my own, but I'm patient on this topic.  I've spent far too long sweating it out with sore thumbs for someone else, and I long to share the talents of my hands, forearms and elbows in my own space, on my own time.

All of this to describe the fact that it was a wonderful way to start my "day off"...After my client left, I made a pot of coffee, turned on the crock pot of pickle in the studio, and went to work!!!  I don't often spend all day in the studio, what with the "real job", and good old life getting in the way, (along with a healthy dose of indecision, and pinch of procrastination) I tend to work a little at a time throughout the week.  So it's been a real treat to hunker down, knowing I have all day and most unusual of all A PLAN!!!!!!

So, now I'm taking a lunch break, and after writing this will be popping over to another open tab on my computer to list a couple of necklace creations that were recently finished.

Reminiscent of images I conjure up when fantasizing of some very ancient or possibly futuristic flora, with raised nodes, like those of the back side of ferns on the forest floor...
She's kind of:
"out of the box"
and best of all, one of a kind

Meant for the lady who sees a bit of these qualities in herself, and wears them PROUDLY!!

I'm smitten with the color combos on the knotted cord and beaded "chains", and I love how the soft smoothness of the silver looks with them.  My brain is bursting with ideas in this department...

I'm off to list these babies in the ETSY shop, drink some more coffee, and get back to work on some custom orders for a very special lady, who has been ever so patient.

I productive day in the studio feels so damn good!  I really need to make them happen more often, I'll be riding high all night on this mojo!


  1. yes: you are full of colour and mojo!!

    1. I'm loving the color and really feeling the MOJO!!! Thanks lovely...