10:14 am


10:14 am,
Frank Sinatra
Coffee gifted from a friend in the Bay Area,
Bathrobes and pj's on the front porch,
Sunny and breezy with random drizzle,
Plotting what's going in the cooler for our day at the beach,
etsy listings,
Texting with mom,

I forgot to share these pictures the other day...I got a new part time job, which I can walk to in 15 minutes, in historic chinatown in downtown Honolulu.  On my walk, is the central station fire department.  The doors are probably 20 feet tall...They. Are. RAD.

Also, I made this...

More than a week ago, while struggling through some
kind of photographic mad karma, that renders every
shot no good at all.

But then, I tried again...
Got a few good ones, and had fun playing 
with editing them a bit differently than usual.

 There is also a necklace that was the casualty of this
photographic conflict.  She's waiting patiently
for her time to properly shine, a much needed
third try will commence at some 
point this weekend...

I'm off to help load the paddle board on the car, gather the cooler, snorkel gear, rally the dog, and 
grab a periodical or two to browse from my chair on the beach.  This week I really felt Friday...And I am so looking forward to enjoying Saturday and Sunday in the best, most relaxing, and happy way I can! Sending you sandy toes, and ocean breeze...

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  1. I love the photos of the doors :) Hawai is one of my dream vacation spots..le sigh...

    The ring is gorgeous btw:)