Random photographic snippets

 Sunday was good...

Playing tourist with a friend in Waikiki.
Sipping on iced coffee.
Splurging on the NYT Sunday edition, something I've been wanting to do forever.
Walking in dense, thick, wet grass.
Orange toenails.
Long, hot, sweaty walk with the dog in Kailua.
Ice cold mandarin oranges, from the cooler.
No negative thoughts, or nagging myself about whatever topics are the usual.
Broccoli with garlic sauce.

Then I took a nap with Max.
On our new sheets that I am in love with.
That's all she wrote.
Happy Monday.


  1. I like your ring....is it a dendritic? Jeanmarie

    1. IT is!!! I just finished it, and need to get some better photos so I can list it in my etsy shop. I've been having a hard time in the photo department, so it's been delayed. Thanks for stopping by :)

  2. Looks like a great day Sierra. I've never been there, thanks for the tour.