Greetings from your friend the Silversmith...

Today's dose of artistic honestly comes to you courtesy of my IMMENSE frustration over taking photos of my work.  I finished up two amazing pieces last night and need to get them photographed for the etsy shop so I can list them...Again, I find myself with not a single decent shot.
And, I'm pissed.

I've been wanting to mix it up a bit, play with taking the pictures in a different spot, experimenting with different backgrounds and props, and maybe trying to give my pictures a new look, or even just a little boost.  All of this sounded great in my head, but as I actually tried to execute my plan it become clear that the photo gods are not on my side.

Designing, making, creating and birthing my work is quite pleasurable, even in moments of great frustration in the studio over solder not flowing, wonky sawing, sore fingers etc. I always fell so awesome when I'm in there, and so high on creativity when I finish something.  Then comes the hard part,  the pictures, which have never been easy for me, but lately it's like I'm cursed in the photo department.  Once I've finished working on a piece, and I LOVE it from the bottom of my heart, all I want to do is show it to you here, email a few pictures to my mom, and get that baby listed on etsy!  It's quite sad then, when I look at the pictures that I've taken and they are NOT GOOD. It just means its another day, or two, or three, or four, until I get to share my creations with anyone.

Uggghh, frustration feels horrible...I think I can actually feel it in my body.  I want to toss out this camera and go out and get something "fancy".  Really I don't know much about photography, and I don't have the funds to actually do that, so I probably wouldn't know what to do with something fancy anyway...A girl can dream.

What is my plan?  I don't have one...I suppose I will just keep trying, every day, with different light, props, and backgrounds, until something works.  Until then, I'll be piling on my new creations and wearing them around the house, while I make some kale chips, and re-heat the soup I made last night...Pretty glamorous stuff.

Please excuse the whiny nature of this post.  I felt I needed to share with my ladies out there who have probably experienced something similar at some point in their journey.

Since I don't have any jewelry or adventure photos to share, and I'm feeling blue about it, how about we take a look at some of my favorites from Instagram...God bless a digital filter, nothing like it to make any old picture look extra special...Most of these will be doggie cuteness appreciation shots, bare with me.

Ok, thanks for indulging me, I feel better now.


  1. my my...a very lucky 4 legged has optimal seating and lounging priviledges at your casa! just the way it should be!!

  2. yes, always appreciate a fellow dog lover's photos. I love how they can manage to take up an entire bed by themselves!
    and, you've photographed your jewelry before, you'll do it again. (everything in it's own time, right?!)

  3. He has filled up our hearts in ways I never new possible, I wonder how many more smiles I have in a single day just because he is with us? As long as I have my instagram filters, at least I can have a few good shots! Perhaps I'll just use them for my listings while all of this gets ironed out, Hmmmmmmm.....