Gift Certificates!

I've made my first gift certificates!

I had special request for a gift certificate for my shop, something I've been pondering but hadn't gotten around to designing and ordering them...this was just the boost I needed.  I'll be listing them in the shop today at some point, I just need to work out a few logistics with the listings and they'll be ready to go!  I think the best part of this whole thing is sifting through images, playing with the layout, deciding on a design, and then opening the package from the printer to find how RAD they look!  I feel so...professional!

Also, this necklace has been waiting to be photographed and listed...I got a couple good shots yesterday but will have to give it another go this afternoon.  Until then, here's sneak peek...

I was inspired by an old necklace with mexican coins strung around it, on some kind of braided cording...I liked the simplicity of the circular discs, their subtle texture, and the idea of how they'd hang around the neck.  When I sat down to string the discs I couldn't help myself, I had to use my most recent color palette, opaque gray seed beads, a few stunning faceted turquoise rondelles, and some bright orange/red coral tube beads.  This one will slip over the head, and hang low on the chest...and it looks AWESOME when pile up with a handfull of other neck adornments!  (I've been "test" driving it all week).  I have another pile of discs ready to be textured/soldered/stamped, these are a bit smaller but there will be more of them on the necklace...I feel a series coming on.

I'm off to have a day of relaxation at home with Jo...movies, coffee, breakfast, laundry, packing orders, phone dates, and of course some beading projects on the couch.

What are you doing this fine Sunday?

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