Slices of Life

I've been loving my walk to work these past few weeks...
I get to dress pretty, and have seen a rainbow almost every day...
The morning light here is quite lovely...

Also, I've been banging out some custom orders, a few gifts, and a handfull of earrings for the shop.

I was gifted a handful of these awesome agates from an old friend
who grew up on a HUGE ranch in northern Nevada.  He collected these when he
was a kid, polished them, and kept them all these years...
when I was in PDX this summer he gave a bunch of them to me.  Ever since then,
I've been dreaming of making some weird, rustic, tab settings for them...
This is the first of what I'm assuming will be many, many more to come.  Now I just need
to scavenge for some more leather, I'm thinking of hitting the thrift stores this
weekend in search of old belts and things I can use for the straps.

Earrings: The bigger, and weirder, the better:

A customer sent me this amazing stone, among others...I'm now obsessed with Royston Ribbon Turquoise, for obvious reasons.

I've just finished wrapping up some orders, made myself sauteed kale with a fried egg on top, I'm sipping coffee from my favorite mug, and listening to my Eryka Badu station on Pandora...I've got a few massage clients this afternoon, and then it's back to work in the studio on some more creations.  I am BEYOND ready for the weekend, I've got some thrift hunting planned, a little beach time with Max, and hopefully a coffee date and catch up time with a good friend...Weekend: LET'S DO THIS!

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