Make It, Do It, Dream It, BE IT...

I may have mentioned it before...If you connect at all with the idea/notion/feeling/ambition or whatever, of creating something, anything at all, then you have got to read this amazing memoir by Patti Smith.  A friend gave me this book last year and I've already read it twice.  More than anything, reading this book filled me with inspiration to create for the sake of creation...For the feeling in my chest, my fingers, my hands, my soul, that needs to work on something tactile.  Patti and Robert began their lives together at a very early age, with literally nothing, just a desire to make art of any kind.  Their first endeavors were making necklaces out of found bits and bobs, cutting up old pieces of clothing, scavenging for chains and findings, and just enjoying the process of making.  I found this shot down some deep black hole on the internet and was inspired once again to make things of all kinds.  

Patti talks a lot about all the things that must run through the mind of any creative individual...topics range from not feeling "ready", wanting to solidify a whole theme of work before starting out, self-doubt and the pessimism that can come with wanting to build a life around creating art.  She inspires me to KNOW that whatever I do is a success, simply because it came from my mind, out of my being and into this world...

That is all...I just wanted to share!


  1. Sierra!
    I literally just finished reading that memoir less than 24 hours ago. It was awesome and everything that you wrote. I was so inspired. And a side note- I was a senior in high school when the Contemporary Arts Center here had a Mapplethorpe exhibit- super controversial here- I remember that one had to be 18 to go to the exhibit- so some of my classmates were old enough to go. Anyway! It was an amazing read- we great minds think alike : )

  2. I thank you for the reading tip - sounds amazing!!! xoxox

  3. Great thoughts!
    I remember how I felt myself not "ready" until the desire to begin making things became bigger than my lack of security and I just jumped and began to make things just enjoying creating.
    Today I was thinking about how passionate I feel myself about what I'm doing and how it fills myself and makes me feel happy. Really that is what is important for me.
    I think living of art is not easy but on the way it is essential to enjoy creating.
    Thank you for the tip, I'll check this book out!