We seem to be in the midst of some wonderful winter weather out here...It's been more gray than blue around the island for the past ten days or so, it has been raining/misting/pouring/drizzling/dripping, and SUPER windy, as in 30 mile an hour gusts that rattle the windows and freak out the dog.  We had moments of shining sun, and bright blue skies in between moments of gray wetness today.  I watched as sheets of small raindrops come down from the side of the mountain in huge gusts, hitting me in the face sideways...and I loved it!  I took Max on a long rainy walk this morning, exploring nooks and crannies in the neighborhood, loving the cold on my cheeks and the rain hitting my back. We jumped over mud puddles, he scurried away from leaves blowing in the wind that startled him suddenly, (must be the chihuahua in him ?).  Sometimes I talk to him when we're walking, it goes beyond the usual "wait here at the corner and look both ways" silliness that happens usually.  Nothing specific really, it could just be how much I love a certain house, or that I noticed a certain plant I like, maybe I remembered something and just wanted to say it out loud, so I ask him to remind me about it later...I love it when I start talking to him, and his tail wags, it always makes me smile.  Maybe I'm rambling about the dog because it will be a year that we've had him next week.  I'm so totally over the moon with the little guy that it literally hurts my heart sometimes...but in the best way possible.

The past week has been lovely, and I'm feeling especially calm.  Not that I'm usually hyper, but that the usual storms that are brewing in me, and most often in my head, seem to have calmed, blown away, or rained them selves out so to speak.  I'm not going to delve too deep into it, or get too analytical,  instead I'm simply enjoying my days in much appreciation of whatever shift has occurred.

We had a sunrise beach mission on New Years morning.  Fresh coffee out of the back of the car, pants, and shoes, and hats, and scarves, and dogs, and friends, and ocean, and sky, and sand, and rock, we greeted the day...(it was also cold, gray and windy, and absolutely wonderful)

I feel like I'm nesting or something, maybe it's the weather. I've been taking pleasure in little re-decorating projects, planting some tiny seedlings we got at the swap meet last weekend, and a few little craft experiments.

 I dug out my favorite old shoes to wear in the studio yesterday, my feet were cold and it made me happy to look down at my feet and see them.  It's usually so hot here that I don't really wear "shoes" that often, just sandals or nothing at all...These have been with my since '06, I got them in Jerusalem on my first weekend by myself in Israel, and I have so many wonderful memories of that day.  Also, I'm a shoe whore, I'm not ashamed to say it.


  1. A very sweet snapshot, literally and figuratively. Thanks for sharing. -elizabeth

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by Elizabeth! Sending mucho Aloha to you and yours :)