Rain Appreciation

I've just returned to my warm and cozy house after a lovely brisk adventure through the neighborhood with Max.  There was whipping wind, sideways raindrops that smacked me on my cheeks, and just a whisper of a chill in the air...also the most amazing rainbow I've seen since I moved here.  The feeling of wet, cool skin, my hair dripping, and rosy flush cheeks from running around the park, brought back so many memories of much colder dog walks taken back when I lived in Seattle.  Just a whisper of that feeling has been with me the past week or so in this crazy weather we've been having.  When we were a few blocks away from the house I found a few flowers to pick, something I used to do all the time...I don't know what happened to that habit, but it's time to bring it back!

In jewelry related news, I've got a handfull of lovely ear adornments almost ready to share with you...They're kind of different, and I LOVE them...

I'm off to throw together some dinner with my loot from the farmers market.  Did I mention that there's a farmers market twice a week a few blocks from my new job?!!!! I can hit it up on my lunch break, and do some great Chinatown people watching in the process.

Tonight, it's a saute pan full of everything, add some garlic, and make some quinoa on the side.

Aloha friends...

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  1. Even here in the midwest I love those days that hint of something else- like today- in January!- I enjoyed coffee outside with a friend. It switches things up and rearranges me in the best sort of ways. Love the shots of Max on the porch- so sweet. And loved the b & w shots from the beach at New Years. What a perfect way to usher in the new year.