Belated Weekend Report

I realize that it is now Friday again.  Another 7 days have passed, and I sat at a desk for many of the hours that make up the days that made up the week...last Friday I was blissed out in friendship land with my favorite guy.  He popped across the ocean to grace us with his presence for a few days.  I smiled and laughed so hard that my dimples were sore.  We spent some time in the studio together, chatting about inspiration, playing with materials and dreaming up new creations.  It was so amazing to have his energy in that space with me, infusing it with an extra dose of mojo!  Upon his departure I'm filled with excitement and inspiration, jazzed up and ready to conquer what I KNOW I can do next...

He got a couple shots of me while we were in the studio together.  I've never taken any pictures of myself working, so it's cool to see ME in a "studio shot" and not just the mess on the bench!

That scary looking hammer in the first picture is my all time favorite tool.  I got it on my trip to Seattle last summer for $4 at an antique store...SCORE!  I love to think about the hands that wielded it before I did, and what type of creations it took part in...

I've got a day of beaches and surfboards (SUP) ahead of me tomorrow, and then Sunday and Monday are going to be devoted to studio time.  I can't wait to get in there and get to work.  I've got a few custom projects, and then in giving myself permission to make whatever I want, to dream big, use my favorite stones that I've been "saving" for who knows what.  


  1. Dream HUGE girl! I can't wait to see!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Ashley~ What a treat to have you here! Thanks for the love...