A Quick Preview

I've been wanting to make bracelets forever.
I kept putting it off.
I ordered the materials.
I put them in a drawer.
One day, much later on I had bracelet day in the studio.
I made some RAD bracelets.
That was three weeks ago.
I CANNOT get any good pictures of the darn bracelets.
Except one...

One of my favorite cuffs is one my mom gave to me years ago, its textures show years of wear, first her, and now me wearing it.  I wanted to put that kind of feeling in to this piece, to make something that someone can have for a lifetime, and love more and more over time.  I'm smitten with Kingman Turquoise...I made myself a promise that I wouldn't buy any more until I used up all I had, and this is the last piece.  You better believe my cozy time tonight will envolve lots of browsing for new stones.

Happy Thursday/Independence Day/Bonus Day off (for me)!!!!

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