Feelin' some major LOVE!

With feelings of major gratitude for another awesome weekend here in paradise, I thought I'd compile a list of things I'm thankful for...

 1. Date night at the beach with the most wonderful of ladies.

2. Laughter and Love...and a beer picnic on a beautiful starry night.

3. The simple act of being together with the one you love, sitting, talking, watching, and enjoying each others company.

4. Taking time around the table with friends to enjoy food and drink.  Spending time with my favorite people, sharing stories, laughing, and making plans for a beach adventure day!

 5. Friends behind the bar that make up their latest concoction, a delicious blend of Makers Mark, fresh lemon juice, and freshly pressed ginger syrup...YUM!

6. A cocktail at the end of a nice long brunch...something I NEVER do (I'm a serious lightweight when it comes to drinking so an a.m. cocktail is a major event in my world).

Part two of our day consisted of a drive out to one of my favorite beaches on the island Waimanalo ...The water here is unbelievably blue, the sand is like powder, and the view is amazing!  Perfection in sand and sea, this spot is a regular in our "which beach should we go to today" discussions (I know, rough decisions!).  This place is enough to inspire an entire list of gratitude all its own!

7. Talented friends (the best little "sister" a girl could ask for), who can make music anywhere, who bring their infectious smile and positive energy to any situation, who truly are like family after only a short few years of knowing each other, and who I love so much and am so happy to be able to share this place and time with!

Ok, now I'm getting a bit emotional...some days I swear I can physically feel the LOVE...Yesterday was one of those days.  Thanks to my crew for being the best company a girl could ask for, thanks to this place for being such an amazingly beautiful dot on the Earth, and you know what?  Thanks to me for deciding to move here, for breaking out of my box and doing something different, awesome, scary and new...I'm telling you, there is no reward in playing it safe, risks have got to be taken if there is going to be any kind of reward, and let me tell you...living this life is all the reward I will ever need!

Thanks for visiting...Happy Sunday!


  1. Aren't those days wonderful?
    I think that having a heart big enough to get overwhelmed by the love is the best part of it all, and a gift to everyone around you :)


  2. Wise words sister, so true...Thanks for stopping by my blog, I get very excited when someone actually takes the time to read what I've put out there!