...in progress

I'm getting ready for a trunk show tonight, my fingers are sore from polishing and putting the finishing touches on a handful of earrings and a few necklaces...A preview perhaps?

second generation leaf armor earrings
the originals can be found in the ETSY shop

delicate hammered leaf dangles, super lightweight and swingy!

delicate hammered hoops with ocean inspired dangles

Flat hammered hoops with silver and mixed green dangles

I realize this picture is not nearly as stylish as the others, but the colors are a bit brighter

I am totally in love with these new earrings, I love the mix of colors and textures in the mixed dangle hoops, and the long hammered leaf dangles are going to be really hard to part with if they sell...I'll have to make myself a pair!!  This collection was really fun to make...I have messy pile of beads on my bench that is the aftermath of putting together these pieces, I tend to just spread everything out and look at how the colors mix together.  Most of the inspiration comes from seeing the shapes, sizes and different shades of color mingling on the bench, then I'll grab a few and see how they look together...I have to say, this collection of simple yet unique pieces is very me...meaning I want to keep them all for myself and sport them proudly around town!!!!

I'll be bringing with me all the goodies in the ETSY shop, along with these lovelies and another handful of jewels I have yet to finish polishing and photographing.  Anything that does not sell tonight will be listed in the shop later this weekend.   I'm excited about being able to show my work in a new space, to a whole new group of people!  It always feels good to have worked so hard,and to be so in love with what I have created, and then be able to share it...to put it all out there for the world to see!!! 

Signing off with sore fingers...and sending you some tropical sunshine for your Friday!


  1. Hipstamatic pics? I've just added the app to my phone! I love it! Looks good....good luck tonight...

  2. YES! I know everybody is using it these days, but I really like the look of it, and it's so easy to use! Thanks for wishing me luck...Oh, and I just checked out your latest post, that bracelet is AMAZING!!!! Absolutely beautiful! Happy weekend!