Hammer Time...

I'm jetting out the door for a much needed coffee date with my favorite homies...I wanted to show you the latest additions to the shop!!!!! I have one more necklace and three more earrings in this collection that need to be listed later today...stay tuned!!!

Side note:  Jo can make me laugh like nobody else in the world...one of her favorite things to do while I'm in the studio is to grab a hammer, start dancing like MC Hammer, and proclaim..."It's hammer time!!!!!!"  It gets me every time, and I laugh my ass off...you'd think it would be old by now, but it's not, I still think it's funny!

OK, on to the business part: 
A duo of hammer textured necklaces just made their way to the SHOP!

 It was Hammer Time all week in the shop, everything that came off the bench so far is rich with texture...and I got a mean cramp in my forearm from wielding my heaviest hammer...

This one is quite dainty...but she's got a whole lot of personality for such a small lady!!!!  I added a small hammer textured and stamped leaf at the back closure for a little bit of bling for the nape of your neck.  She can be found HERE, in the shop!

I've been playing with adding these molten dangles to my designs lately...they make a tiny jingling sound and add a TON of texture!!!  Available here...happy browsing!

*New addition...

Just listed this wee necklace in the shop!

...Happy Wednesday!!!

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