Weekend photo essay...and jewelry snapshots

saturday morning...


 saturday afternoon and evening...

We were lucky enough to enjoy a lovely day poolside, at a fantabulous casa up on the mountain above the city...the light, the mountain, the valley, and the company couldn't have been any more beautiful.  This day was a classic "living in paradise" moment in time...My gratitude is bubbling over today!

sunday morning and in between...


The theme in the studio this week seems to have been hammered textures and molten nuggets...I finished off a handful of necklace and a few pair of earrings that will get a better preview here ASAP and then make there way to the SHOP hopefully by the end of the evening!

Happy Sunday from the land of Aloha!!!!


  1. we shared the same sky!
    i like to think of it as "mother of pearl" ...

    beautiful, beautiful
    ALL of it!!!


  2. It was so pink and beautiful!!!! Nothing quite like the Hawaiian sky...

    Oh, my goodness I have been meaning to write to tell you that I tried your advice and am officially back on the bezel setting wagon!!!! Can I get an AMEN...Your tips were perfect and it worked the first time! I have has so much fun on this self-taught journey with metal and am so grateful for your help along the way! Aloha!

  3. YAY!
    always feel free to ask ...

    it just feels SO amazing when things "click", doesn't it???


  4. You have no idea how good it felt...I think I literally proclaimed "THANK GOD" out loud!!! I am so happy I put it out there that I needed help...I will never fear the asking again!!! Much gratitude and many many thanks...

    PS. I had another bezel success yesterday and it turned out beautifully!