Yesterday we picked the first papaya from one of the many trees in our yard...

I took some photos of it in this post when it was still green and growing, and it just kept growing, and growing...Finally over the weekend she started to turn that lovely sunshiny shade of yellow that is sign she's getting ready to be eaten.  We waited ever so patiently for her to become yellow all over, and ready to be picked...and yesterday Jo and I grabbed her off the tree with smiles of anticipation...


...This is the biggest papaya I have ever seen!!!  Her flavor was amazingly sweet, and getting to eat it right off the tree, that we planted, nurtured, and obsessed over made it taste even better!  Usually the center is filled with tons of seeds in a slimy goo, this one had only the seeds you see in the picture...and they will be saved and re-planted so we can start our own little papaya orchard at the commune!

Seriously...I wish you had taste-o-vision and I could share the bounty with you all, I can't wait for the next one to be ripe and ready for breakfast! 


  1. she's gorgeous! I remember putting her in the ground! Enjoy her musky foot flavors! YAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYY!

  2. :) You're comments make me smile...And thank goodness this one is low on the musky foot flavors!