Breakfast straight from the tree!!!!!

Freshly picked...

It doesn't get much better than that!  We have a few varieties of Papaya growing here at the commune...this one is the most successful tree so far.  The fruits are HUGE and have no seeds inside, well actually the first one we picked had seeds and the rest of them have been totally naked inside...we are hoping we get more seeds to we can keep this "family line" going!

Here in Hawaii the reality is that we import much of our food supply, this is a dangerous thing for such an isolated place...I could go on and on about the environmental and societal aspects of this issue, but others have said it better and in more depth than I ever could.  The bottom line is that here in Hawaii we are blessed to have almost year round opportunity to grow some of the best, most flavorful and amazing fruits!!!!  Having these trees in the yard and being able to nourish ourselves with these local treats is one way that we can connect to the land and the history of backyard farming that has been a long tradition in Hawaii.

I was reading a great article the other day about encouraging people to grow fruit in their yards, to enjoy the bounty of local produce and to remember how important it is to have the connection between the plants and the food they produce.  I wanted to share a few segments of the article that really highlight these ideas, especially here in Hawaii.

"Food comes from the land, not from the store...a home without a fruit tree is like a body without a soul"

"old timers shake their heads in disbelief that people actually think they have to pay for fruit"...this in particular is so true of life here...there are tons of fruit trees all over the island, pouring over peoples fences, on city streets and in parks yet we still go to the store and buy mangoes and papayas from the other side of the world...Back in the day people used to eat from their trees regularly, and share their bounty with neighbors, friends, and strangers.  It is not that uncommon to find signs posted in peoples yards next to their overflowing fruit trees that read "help yourself".  Now that's some Aloha spirit!

"People today are resigned to the idea that they have to buy fruit, but for a really good quality of life that reflects this special experience of living in Hawaii, grow your own fruit.  Then you can exchange your mangoes with your neighbor's lychee, and we'll have a beautiful world"

...Isn't that perfect?


  1. I cannot explain how much I need that papaya in my life.... oooh, you lucky duck!!!


  2. It really is like eating a bit of sunshine...I'm quite grateful for my tropical fruits!!! I'd love to have you over for some papaya appreciation...hop skip and jump on over whenever!