Crafty Time

I think the last time I touched a sewing machine was in high school...I have always wanted to be crafty with textile projects but never really took the time to investigate and actually sit down at the machine.  I have memories of the dreaded "threading of the bobbin" that have stayed with me for years and I guess laziness and fear that it would take forever to figure out how to use the machine kept me from trying.  Well not anymore!!!!!

...While it was a minor project technically speaking (just a few curtains), i feel accomplished!!!  The bobbin was threaded with no problem, my stitching was straight and even and best of all I can say that I FINALLY got back on the sewing horse!!!  I see many a pillow making project in my future...it was so fun and really took a lot less time than I had expected!  Now I have even more reason to collect random bits of fabric and bring them home...We have a drawer full of fabric that has been collected over the years!  

...(one more awesome thing about this is that I have even more excuses to go shopping while I'm in Seattle for vacation later this summer.  The fabric selection here in Hawaii definitely leaves something to be desired...I can't wait to hit up the craft markets and fabric stores on my trip!!!!)

Happy Tuesday evening!