Quickie Preview of Today's Creations

I've been sitting here at the computer for hours...editing photos, posting new items in  La Tienda, and catching up on email correspondence.  I'm starting to get a knot in my shoulder so I'm going to keep this brief, forgive me...

I finally used a beautiful Chrysoprase cab that I got on my trip to L.A. in  April...I absolutely love the color, it reminds me of the color of the ocean at my favorite beach on the island.

Ok, these earrings have a lot going on...I know, but I'm kind of in love with them.  I just couldn't stop myself, I kept adding those twisty dangles...Their colors are totally inspired by the vibrant green tropical foliage and blue ocean water.

I've got another necklace waiting to get the final treatment tomorrow morning...a gorgeous Botswana Agate.  I hope to have it finished and in the shop with a few more pairs of earrings by the weekend!

Signing off, headed to the kitchen to fix up some dinner, and put some ice on my shoulder!!!



  1. such incredible work, lady. love the blues and greens. makes me think they are treasures from the depths of the hawaiian waters. looks like a good life you got there...

  2. Shelby!!!! Thanks a million for stopping by, any blog reader that's not my mom is a big deal around these parts!! Yeah, I wouldn't trade this life in paradise for anything, the sunshine is all the soul food I need! Oh! thanks for the jewelry love too!