The weekend round up

This weekend we went to the North Shore town of Hale'iwa for the annual arts festival...I feel I must preface this with some thoughts on craft markets and local events.  One of my favorite things in the universe is to get lost browsing at a craft fair, to take in all the colors and textures of the many different kinds of things that people create by hand. 

When I lived in Seattle I was lucky enough to be surrounded by these events year-round...even in the midst of a grey, wet Seattle winter there are weekly events going on that showcase hand made goods and locally produced specialty foods, and in my case these moments of "enjoying the view" would often take me away from the fact that I hadn't see the sun in months!!!  

Since moving to Hawaii this is one of the things I miss the most...so I get it when I can. This past weekend's event was more about being a part of the community of arts and crafts appreciators rather than actual shopping!  I had such a good time just walking around, taking in all the different creations, and generally enjoying the scenery.  I dream of creating a weekly event like the ones that pop up all over my home town every week, a place for artisans of all kinds to gather and share their creations with the world, to have a diverse group of lovely things to peruse while sipping your Sunday coffee under the sunshine that we are so blessed with here.  Anyhoo...It was a glorious sunny day, there was kettle corn and Hibiscus mint tea, and a new addition to the market was a wood fire pizza oven like the one I used to frequent at the Fremont market back in Seattle...YUM!!!!

...Another beautiful day in paradise!!!

In Jewelry related news, I had a really fun time working with a customer on a custom pair of earrings.  These turned out super fabulous and I made another pair similar for myself... there are many more of these on their way to the shop this week.  I'm thinking of doing a few different color variations and many different lengths, from shoulder dusters to shorter versions for those that like their ear decor a bit more humble.

Happy Monday!

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