The clouds have been extra dreamy around these parts lately...I find myself zoning out and just staring at them, taking in their fluffy shapes against the bluest of skies. 

In keeping with the spirit of these light poofs of white in the sky, I crafted a necklace that is just as light and airy in feeling.  Cool, translucent, ethereal...Prehenite, a new favorite of mine evokes the same feeling as the clouds I've been seeing.  Cool against your heart as it sits around your neck...I set the stone simply on a square base plate to accentuate it's gorgeous circular shape.  There's something quite satisfying in it's simplicity...

I am in love...I need to find more of this gorgeous specimen of earth, I love the colors, the inclusions, the shiny and clear quality of prehenite.  Shopping for stones is after all one of the many things I love about creating jewelry.  Each one is it's own little work of art, created by the earth and then formed by another artists hands before it gets to mine!

Also fresh off the bench...A double spinner ring.  Wide band, heavily textured, slightly flared and with two hammer textured spinners.  I've been fidgeting with mine ever since I put it on my finger...It makes the most delightful little tinkling noises as I go about my business, it's like a mini tambourine banging out the beat while I'm driving along and rockin' out to my favorite tunes in the car! 

Both of these creations will be making their way to the la tienda (the shop) hopefully by the end of the evening!
Ok, now on to those clouds I was speaking of earlier!

We're off to a swanky hotel to meet some out-of towners for overpriced but totally worth it delicious cocktails...I love it when people come to visit and we get to splurge!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Gorgeous work!
    I love stone shopping too. Some would say I have a problem.. I just say you can neve have too many.. Maybe you have to be a silverraven to understand :)

    One day I need to come and visit. Your photos makes me long for the ocean. And I could always use some cocktails!

  2. Thanks for the love Tess! You are welcome to sip cocktails and stare at clouds anytime...:)