Vintage chartreuse faceted matte glass beads

Vintage chartreuse faceted matte glass beads and faceted salmon pink Jade

Vintage coral branches

Lemony limey Jade in the most fabulous shiny shades of summer

Earrings a-plenty...and one necklace!

Hoops, dangles, and my favorite beads...The coral branches are antique, at least 60 years old and given to me by my friend Chris...They belonged to his grandmother who passed away last year at the age of 101!!! They had been in her collection so long that nobody remembers how long she'd had them, I've been hoarding them and am slowly starting to use them in my designs, though mindfully and methodically...They are so special to me because of their history and family connection, I want to treasure them as long as I can. 

The other favorites are the chartreuse faceted glass beads, these are vintage as well and have a fabulous smooth and matte finish!  I cannot get enough of this color, ( I even painted our dresser a similar shade). 

These babies are all making their way to the SHOP this evening! 

It's been raining on and off here all day, with the rains comes a sweeping out of humid, stagnant energy and the breezing in of refreshment and clean, crisp energy...Which by the way is just what I need!  Time to focus on clearing out of old patterns and stale thoughts, and a move toward clarity, open minded focus on the NOW and appreciation for change...We could learn a lot from the shifts in weather, how they can mirror our own internal temperatures and give us a reminder to go with the flow.  So flow on sisters...let it rain down, let it wash over you, let it blow you in a new direction!


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