It's good to be back home...Yesterday I did my favorite "day off" things.  I slept in, met my friend at our favorite coffe/breakfast joint and chatted the morning away over fried rice with eggs.  I went to the beach and had a nice long swim!  I can't tell you how great the ocean felt after being away for almost three weeks!!!  I lounged in the shade, did some people watching, some day dreaming, and let the sun warm my skin.  I had one of those oh so clear moments of gratitude, happiness, and appreciation for this amazing place I call home...I've set a goal for myself, though it's vague in essence the basic premise is "take nothing for granted".  It's so easy to get comfortable with routines, work, friends and home...I LOVE it here so much and I never want to loose that excitement and appreciation for this place.  So with open eyes I will embrace every morning as a blessing, every ray of sunshine on my skin as a warming of my heart and soul as I try to remain in the moment, and be grateful for this island, this ocean, these people, this home, this life...

Oh, I forgot that I had ordered this gorgeous bag from Bookhou before I left town...when I arrived home it was waiting for me!!!  Sometimes a package in the mail is all I need to make my day.  If you haven't checked out this shop on ETSY I recommend getting your browsing fingers on your keyboard and enjoy the view.  I've been toting it around for a few days now and I LOVE it!!!

Things around the commune are quiet these days, of the four houses here, two households are on vacation and Jo and I are down one roommate...he went on vacation too!   The energy is slow and mellow around here and the humidity and stillness in the air are adding to that feeling.  We did get some much needed rain last night...A great excuse to cozy in, make an indulgent meal of chicken marsala, and snuggle on the couch while catching up on one of our favorite shows.  The great thing about not having T.V. is that it doesn't matter when you want to watch something, you just look it up on the 'ol interwebs and you can tune in anytime you like!!!!   Though it's still hot outside there is something so wonderful about the rain pouring down from the mountain behind out home.  It refreshes the air and leaves that wonderful smell of tropical wetness...The sound of the rain drops striking hard against the leaves of the banana tree sound like rainstorms of my childhood during summer camping trips, the rain against the tarp making that smack/ping sound. 

Yes...It's good to be home


  1. beautiful pictures
    so glad you like our bag
    all the best

  2. Thanks for stopping by~ I'm already looking at getting something else from your shop...I love your bags! :) Aloha!