Last weekend while on my vacation in Seattle I got to attend the wedding of my oldest
friend..."Friend" doesn't really even begin to cover it.  When I think of Tatiana the only word that can really describe her is "sister".  She is MY definition of sisterhood...a term I've become quite fond of in my thirties.  With it comes all sorts of feelings beyond that which is implied when using the word "friend".  I'm getting all teary eyed even writing this, thinking about her and the love and support she has brought to my life.  Lets just say that she's the kind of lady that makes you want to be a better YOU...because her love is so huge, so true, so supportive that you want to be the best YOU that you could be, just so that you can be there for her, the way she has for you!  Ok, that's getting a little wordy and long but you get the picture.  Anyhoo...we grew up together, and every summer we would spend many weekends at her family compound on Hood Canal.  I have such amazing childhood memories of this place so when she said the pre- wedding festivities would be at the house, I was super excited to see it again...

I couldn't get over how everything was just as I remembered...like a time capsule.  Her grandmothers baskets and hats, sea glass art projects and paintings all still there waiting for me to remember each of them.  The smell was the same, the light was just as I remembered it, and the energy of family and love and time were all there for me to soak in!  I think the last time I was there was probably 20 years ago...(damn that means I'm old!)

We have lived in different cities, states and countries over the years but have remained as sisters...I feel so lucky to have been able to share this time with her, to meet her beautiful baby boy, and to get to know the ladies in her life that she now calls sisters...Ok, here I go again with the waterworks!

I was a mess at the wedding too, i forgot to bring tissues with me and was crying like a baby...it was beautiful!

Mom and Dad giving Sienna some props for hooking the adults up with cupcakes

Ok, I know that was a lot of pictures but believe me I was editing!!!  This post is meant to be a record of that day for the my dear friend to look back on...please pardon the excess of emotions and photos!

It's been so long since we have been able to see each other regularly,  and we have no photos of the two of us together since we were in our early twenties, (about 10 years ago).  So having such great documentation of this day really means so much to me...

P.S.  This little guys name is Mose, and let me tell you...he's got the two most fabulous parents a boy could ask for!  Thanks to my dearest friend and sister for being such an awesome human being, for passing on her light to another and for sharing herself with the rest of us...


  1. I loved all the photos! What a gorgeous setting, wedding, bride! Yes all of it!

  2. Thanks Tess...I know it was a lot of pictures, but I just couldn't edit them down any more! Thanks so much for stopping by, nice to see you "here"!!!