Meet Ms. Oly....

Thanks to the very talented Mr Curtis James at Lit Fuse Tattoo in Olympia Wa. I am now the bearer of this gorgeous little lady, (well actually not so little)...She was a long time coming, as I had envisioned her a year or so back.  I am over the moon with her and am so pleased with the amazing vision and detail that the artist brought to this creation!!!

Same as with my other tattoos, I really didn't have a solid vision of what it would look like, just a few ideas, colors, shapes and a whole lot of trust in this amazingly talented artist!  It takes a lot of trust to walk through that door, have a conversation, and then wait while your vision makes its way on to a piece of tracing paper.  The beauty of the whole process is that I completely trusted in him, and KNEW that whatever he dreamed up would be amazing!  Im still at the point where I'll forget she's there and catch a glimpse in the mirror out of the corner of my eye...then I stop short and smile, "Oh, hello you...I forgot you were there!"

I was informed by a very close friend who happens to be quite knowledgeable about totem/spirit animals and lore of all kinds relating to earth centered spiritual beliefs, that Elephants are considered to be related to Earth elements, grounding, stability, and motherhood...Quite a conicidence considering I've been noticing that I may need to make some efforts to connect to that very same Earth energy.  I'm a thinker, a dreamer, a planner, and while I always considered myself "grounded", I may have been just convincing my self of that.   I never set out to get a tattoo that was a representation of anything spiritual, really I just thought the idea was beautiful...and it is, but I think that having her with me will end up being some sort of reminder to keep in the present, be mindful of how I think (and over-think as the case may be) about things, and that bit about motherhood or mother energy...well that still scares me a bit, but let's just say that this has been a topic around these parts too!

Ok, that was kind of detailed...I feel like maybe I'm writing all of this more for myself than for anyone who may read it...Like a digital diary.  I'm not the type to write my thoughts out on paper and lately this space has felt like a way for me to document all the words and emotions swirling around in my over active brain! So thanks for being here, thanks for listening...It feels good to get it all out there, out of my brain and out into the universe....

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