Today's offering is a necklace featuring a gorgeous cut of Stone Canyon Jasper...she's even got a little pocket of sparkly druzy goodness in the corner!  I'm loving the mustard yellow and plum/raspberry color combo...

A few pairs of earrings...

Heavily textured discs with Chrysoprase dangles...They've got some mossy looking inclusions and great color!

Lemon Jade and Antique coral branches...the corals were given to me by a dear friend and came from his grandmothers collection.  She was 101 when she passed last year and these were in her collection for so long nobody remembers when she got them!  Such a treasure...I've been going through them very slowly, savoring each bead!


I'm just back from the beach and some treasured time with my nose in a book and my butt in the sand...Oh Sunday, I really do love you! 

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