One more ring...

In keeping with the turquoise love and theme I seem to be working in lately, I finished another turquoise ring!!! This one is more "classic" in color, the deep blue-greens with beautiful veins of dark earthyness running throughout...I am a woman obsessed, I just can't seem to keep my hands from picking out these stones to work with.  I'm just going to roll with it and follow what my hands tell me to do!

And then there are these:

These earrings have been sitting on my dresser, in the lip of my favorite mug on a table in the living room, and in and out of my ears for a few weeks!  I was so loving wearing them that I made myself a pair for keeps...Now that I have some of my own I'm offering these up in the shop!

Lastly, I'm putting up the White Buffalo Turquoise ring for sale in the shop...I feel she is ready to find her new home...I hope some lucky lady out there claims her for their own, and will love her as much as I do!

I just finished listing this group of goodies in the shop ...there they will rest until their new owners make their claim! 

I'm so happy it's friday, all I can do is day dream about the weekend studio time and the millions of ideas running through my head.  Sending all of you fabulous ladies out there mucho love and Aloha, many thanks for your sisterhood, your support, your kind words, and your love...I feel it so deeply this week, my heart is warmed.

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