Wednesdays Offering...

I've clocked about 20 hours in the studio in the past three days...I know, it's a lot and let me tell you my shoulder and fingers can feel it!!!  I've been trying to think outside my normal box, playing with shapes, colors and continuing my little personal class in perfecting my bezel setting skills.  Not easy people, not easy...Lessons learned so far today have been on the topics of patience with my skills, a need to take my time, and above all...make stuff, and practice!

I have a new love...Her name is White Buffalo Turquoise, I had a very successful time with her in the studio today.  Gratitude to the stone setting spirits, and to the artist who cut this cab, I will definitely be back for more of this goodess!

This one is not quite ready to leave my finger and make the jump into the Etsy shop, I may need to wear her a few days and fill her up with a little extra spirit of Aloha!

These next few earrings just made their way in to the shop, and will be joined by a few others in the next few days.

Sterling, Coral, Faceted Olive Green Glass

Sterling Textured Domes and Mango Chalcedony

Hammer Textured Tabs with Coral Stack Dangles

I Heart Texture...can you tell? :)
Happy Wednesday evening to all, I'm off to put my feet up and grab a brewski!


  1. Love your work sweets... yet even more so I adore your heart and intent:)

  2. Thanks a million for stopping by and leaving such beautiful words. I so appreciate making these new connections with other artisans out there...Sisterhood is a beautiful thing indeeeeeed :)

  3. You are a busy bee! That Buffalo Turquoise... whew! (and can we just talk about the name for a second, I mean, COME ON)

    March on sister; these are gorgeous!

  4. I know right!!! It has captured my heart and all I can do is dream of big chunky rings and necklaces...Thanks for the love and for stopping by, it really means so much to me! Happy Thursday mamacita!

  5. oohhhh...love that ring!!

  6. Thanks for the love sister, and many thanks for stopping by the bloggy blog and leaving a comment. I often feel like my mom is the only one who reads it! Aloha!

  7. WOW you sure have been busy, you are an earring goddess! Love the ring, nice work Sierra!

  8. I LOVE to think of myself as an "earring goddess"...and what a sweet thing to say, thanks so much for your support and encouragement, it really makes me happy!

  9. Yep...love them too!!I really love the domed ones!!

  10. Thanks for stopping by...And for your enthusiastic compliments and of course your use of exclamation points...I'm addicted to using them :) Many thanks!