Works in Progress

I am currently taking a break from the studio, a few hours with the pliers and heavy gauge wire have resulted in a hand cramp...After all I do need to save some of my dexterity for this afternoons massage clients!!!

I'm making bezels for some newly acquired stones, shaping hoops and irregularly ovoid links for something that's brewing in the back of my mind...not sure what it will be yet but that's part of the fun!  Over the weekend I cleared out some space in the workshop, did some general re-organizing and cleaning...It feel so nice to walk into the studio now, it's all spruced up and ready for work!  Next up will be transplanting some pots and getting some plants in there to give the space a bit more life!

Ok, off to finish up and get ready for the other "work day"!  Happy Aloha Friday...


  1. Ah, turquoise! I think if one was to crack open my insides, they'd be the color of that cab!!!!

  2. I like the way you think! I cannot get enough of this lovely stuff! Happy puppy time :)

  3. Your work is really coming along nicely Sierra. Oh I love a clean studio, it's like a clean white sheet of paper or the fist page of a good book!!