Today was a good day...

Just had to throw that in there, when I was typing the title of this post it just popped in my head!

So far today, I swept the house, cleaned the bathroom floor and sink, put away some laundering, dusted a few surfaces, did some plant re-arranging, and a few other random house cleaning tasks!  It is no small feat to tick of this list considering a little over a week ago I was still on two crutches...I graduate to one and am now working on getting around with none, and just a little bit of help from a cane now and then.  Major improvements!  Body, getting better...Now I really got work on the mind part. 

With that in mind I took a few pictures this morning of some earrings that have been very patiently waiting their time to show off!  I have another half dozen or so waiting for the battery to charge.  I had some great company this morning while I took pictures, we listened to happy music, Bob Marley...While we chatted and I snapped away with the camera!  Amazing what a few smiles and some back to normal activities can do for my soul these days!

Matte faceted chartreuse glass beads...what could be better than that?  

The tiniest coin shaped corals

N>S>E>W> Hoops with the tiniest coin shaped corals

The fabulous chartreuse again, with faceted pinky jade and molten dangle

Swinging sisters...Vintage white coral nuggets of a fabulously irregular shape, with tiny green glass and faceted pink coral

 These may or may not be spoken for already, I'm not sure they will make it to the shop or if a friend will be collecting them for sister and mom holiday gifts!  I love it when friends want to pick something I made to give to their loved ones...Keeping it in the friendship family is so great!
If you are interested in anything you see here shoot me a message in the SHOP and I'll set them aside...I'm off to check the camera battery, drink some more tea, and have earring photo session #2.

Happy Afternoon,

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