Mainly because I worked, gave seven massages, made some CASH, (it's about time, after three months of recovery), busted out some creations in the studio, made some great connections for potential clients, and generally felt like I am officially back in the land of the working..

After all this physical trauma, it feels amazing to be back to massaging, and working with a purpose in the studio!

I'm prepping my table display for my first market booth, finishing up a handful of jewelry pieces, and making a general mess of the living room...I've got a table set up behind the couch that is my staging area for the jewelry display, at this point I think it's looking pretty good, I just wish I had best boy Adam here to help me merchandise and scrounge thrift stores for the right props!  Three days and counting, I better get my s*%t together quick~!

Pictures to come...I've been so preoccupied that I keep forgetting to grab the camera!

Happy Monday and Shaloha to all!


  1. Awesome girlie! Can't wait to see the table in full action!

  2. Thanks mamacita, I've been trying to take "merchandising progress" photos and they are all so horrific I refuse to post them...Hopefully I'll figure it out and be sharing them here! Thanks for stopping by, It always makes me smile to know that you were here :)