Ring Forging Success!!

I'm still surprised when I sit down at the bench and everything works out the way I planned...These rings were an example of perfect timing, design execution, and a bit of good ol' luck! 

These lovelies are coming with me to my first booth at an arts and crafts market this Thurdsday...I wanted to make some big, chunky, rustic show stoppers...Something that really grabs you as you're walking by my table!  I hope they will be well recieved, and possibly even find a new home!

I am so happy sitting her looking at these pictures and thinking back over the last two years of my journey silversmithing...this is something I have wanted to be doing for longer than I can remember, it feels so amazing to look at this pile of silver and stone and be able to say, "Hey, I made that...And I LOVE them!"

They will likely be on my fingers over the next few days. I seem to have a thing for grand, statement rings, so I'll be wearing these around and infusing them with a little extra love and aloha for their future owners.  Whatever doesn't sell will be listen in the ETSY shop over the weekend...I'll be closing it down on Wednesday night in preparation for the show, fingers crossed it's a success!!!

Thanks for stopping by to take a look!  Sending you sunshine and aloha for your Tuesday!


  1. Good, Good, MORE THANK LUCK for your show!

  2. Thank you!!!! I'm kind of nervous...this too shall pass and all will be FABULOUS! :)

  3. Best of luck this weekend! And enjoy it, too. Those rings are gorgeous!

  4. Oh, I hope the art market went well and that you enjoyed every minute of it. Those rings are gorgeous!

  5. Beth! Thanks for stopping by!!! The market was a great time, lots of socializing and networking, a little light on the sales but it was really FUN!!! I'll be doing it agagin for sure...Happy Aloha Friday!