I LOVE it when customers/friends/acquaintances/ladies of the cyber world write to me and want to collaborate on a design...Really this is the highest form of flattery, and makes me fell like I have diamonds on the soles of my shoes

These beauties are the latest and greatest...

 They are mas grande, and I LOVE how they turned out!  Ive always love the chunky, big earrings but these take it to the limit!!!  I will definitely be cranking out more of these, in different sizes and colors over the weeks to come.  One thing that has been on my mind since finishing these and getting such a great reaction is that I really need to " go big or go home".  Not necessarily "big" in terms of size but regarding my designs...I often have these grand ideas in my head and then when I sit down at the bench I end up making a smaller more pared down version of what I originally thought of.  I guess it's all the doubts creeping in...what if nobody likes it, and I spent all that time and material to create it?  What if it's just "too much", well you know what?  Who cares?  I've got to be stronger in my conviction with my designs, push myself, do what I want and be happy with it.  I always love everything I make and would of course wear all of it, and like I've said before, selling them is really just the icing on the cake...I guess what I'm saying is that this whole custom order has me feeling inspired to create more from the heart, to really bring it with my designs, and not to worry about the "ifs and what ifs" and just let it flow, (I am the queen of over thinking, and doubting myself so lets leave that behind us shall we?).

These are also a custom order, just need to finish up one more pair and then they can fly home...
And, last but not least, this "little" nugget...heavily rusticated and textured, making its way to etsy soon.

In other news, we are still totally obsessed with our little Max...Since my injury last year I have been through so much emotionally as well as physically, and having him around brings extra smiles, laughter and general happiness that I am so incredibly grateful for every day!

Dear Max, thanks for making me smile so many more times a day than I would if you weren't part of out life!

One more tidbit...It was a little on the chilly side today, and for someone living in Hawaii, that means I get to have hat appreciation day, accompanied by a scarf and my favorite jeans!  The temperature here rarely allows for both of my favorite accessories to be worn in a single daytime outfit...and jeans too?  WOW!  That never happens!  So, thanks Sunday...You've been great so far, now I think I need to find an old movie on Netflix and get my relaxation on!

Look Mollie, it's the scarf you got me in China!

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