Greetings from lazy land...

I'm heading out in a bit for Art and Flea, the once monthly vintage/handmade/thrifty/crafty/music/cocktails event that I do once a month.  I spent a little while fooling around with display ideas and tweaking some things...but I have to say I'm really not feeling it.  Why is it that sometimes no matter what I do, nothing is good enough?  It's my inner perfectionist screaming out...sometimes I like it when she screams, and gets me to do some very detailed work just perfectly.  Other times I think she's yelling just to hear her own voice...meaning sometimes I suppose I need to give myself a break.  Why are we so hard on ourselves?  Doubting, questioning, and letting negativity cloud our heads...(and I say "we", but really, who am I kidding, it;s "me" all the way).  My very soul has been screaming this week, about so many different topics.  I feel changes coming.  In fact I NEED changes, so I suppose that I need to figure out what they are, and make them happen...harder than it sounds.  I could use some bolstering, some encouragement, some ideas.  I seem to realize this very moment however, that I have a nasty habit of searching for those things outside of myself...So, here's to being my best bolster, to encouraging myself, and to being kind to myself in the process.


  1. PLEASE encourage yourself - it's something we all likely do too little of.

    Your work is beautiful.

    The voice of the inner critic is given more importance than self-praise - kind of like when you have a day full of goodness and one mean aside from someone: we all tend to remember the mean comment - ah, human nature :)


  2. Thank you! That critical inner voice must be getting hoarse by now because she's been screaming lately...I know this too shall pass, and that with it will come inspiration and self-love! Aloha, beautiful lady!